Kristen spent 9 years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force in Bioenvironmental Engineering, working in industrial hygiene and environmental protection. She separated honorably after fulfilling her enlistments, and blowing the whistle on unethical operations. Following her time in the military, Kristen worked for the Veterans Health Administration as an Industrial Hygienist and Environmental Specialist. After spending 11 years working for the Federal Government, she left her government position to work in the private sector. It is the contradictions and selective enforcement by the U.S. Government that have led her to become an advocate for holding government employees accountable to their oaths! Waking up to the realities of the ever-growing infringement upon our rights, she has expanded her platform as a loud mouth liberty enforcer; holding police accountable and showcasing those who honor their oaths! Kristen is a high demand speaker who has been on numerous podcasts, radio shows, appeared on television, and in several up and coming documentaries.

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