After watching  “Terrorstorm”,  in 2006, I began a journey to promote the truth and question the status quo.  I am a nonconformist and believe that one should take a stand in educating themselves.  I spent nine years on active duty and saw, first hand, the over-regulation and contradictory actions within our government.  After “blowing the whistle”, I left the military honorably and stronger than ever.  I believe that I have done more for my country in two years in the support of liberty than I accomplished while in uniform for almost a decade.  I am an Industrial Hygienist and Environmental Specialist in my other life.  This education, experience and expertise in these sciences fuel my distaste not only for the EPA, but the TSA!   I will not sugar coat the truth, I’m not here to hold your hand, we are in a time we all need to take a stand!


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  2. Hi Kristin Thank you for doing what you doing, We need to end suppression before it causes the end of us all.

    I have been trying to expose an answer to the mystery of the100 Miles per gallon fuel systems. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but missed or suppressed by oil companies for over 80 years and we have the patents and the science to prove it, see the evidence we have now at website (no spaces) him acre search dot com other sites with similar info are Byron wine dot com Rex research dot com More than vapor but refining gasoline into natural gas and methanol yes 200 mpg 4 cylinder

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    We do not need any vaccines at all. We need to get the truth out about High Voltage COLLOIDAL SILVER.Yes colloidal silver, it is said to kill all flu virus. For free plans to make it right on you tube search Himacmovieman

  3. I’m here in east central mn, I’ve been watching chemtrails before the year 2001.I can’t express enough, the toughness’courage, awesomeness, seeing and hearing someone,especially with an air force background, talking about this..Kristen thanks to you people are starting to grow some ,marbles including myself.from the bottom of my heart thank you!

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